Monday, February 6, 2012

Self-portrait with a Sandwich on My iPhone (Russet)

"Self-portrait with a Sandwich on My iPhone (Russet)", oil on canvas, 16x20".
I'm trying to collapse several realities onto one plane in this image. My portrait looks realistic, complete with an illusion of depth, but then on the edges it crumbles, blurs and pixellates. The random online image of a tutoring session shows through, or overlays me like a reflection on glass. Meanwhile, I hold up my phone displaying the random image of a sandwich. I look a little dissatisfied, I guess. The sandwich is pretty and crisp, but I can't eat it. I'll probably never meet the busy people in the photograph. The whole painting is just an image, anyway, which most people will only encounter as another random jpeg on the internet. I would say that it's about dissatisfaction with virtual realities, and blurred boundaries. Maybe it means something different to you.

This painting won't be for sale right away. I have to use it for something (which I'll tell everyone about later). When I do post it for sale, I'll let everyone know.


  1. Nice art,what a great mixing of colors.I salute your work from my heart.Thank for sharing....