Monday, January 28, 2013

01-28-13. Our feather duster.

Winter Rabbit (489)

"Winter Rabbit (489)", oil on canvas, 16x20" (41x51cm). For sale on Etsy.

We've had plenty of snow in central Indiana this winter. While the snow was on the ground, I saw plenty of rabbit tracks, but no rabbits. The rabbit in this painting was conjured up from my imagination. I tried to make it look nervous, lean, and cold. The rabbit is resting for a moment, but blink or move too close and it will be gone again in an instant.

While I worked on the painting, I viewed rabbit artworks made by an eclectic array of other artists, including Natee Utarit, Joseph Cornell, Luc Tuymans, and, especially, Judith Linhares.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Half Woman Half Biscuit (585)

"Half Woman Half Biscuit (585)",  30x40" (76.2x101.6 cm), oil on canvas. For sale on Etsy.
"It's Clichéd to be Cynical at Christmas" by Half Man Half Biscuit isn't exactly my new "jam", but I did listen to it for the first time while making this painting. I made a Pandora station to listen to some related music as well. (A song about office swivel chairs was especially entertaining.) I found the song when I searched the people I follow on Twitter for someone mentioning the word "biscuit". I wanted to make a painting about "Biscuit", color #585 in Naomi Kuno's Colorscapes book. She's probably referring to the British definition of "biscuit", cookies. I can't shake the American version of biscuits... you know, biscuits... Anyway, I couldn't think of anything very interesting to paint in either case. So as I have done several times before, I just went ahead and painted the tweet itself, in a thought bubble (sort of Roy Lichtenstein-like). This gave me a new excuse for a self-portrait.

I hope that "Half Biscuit" doesn't mean anything bad. I didn't bother to Google it this time. I'm actually trying to do more of my art research offline whenever possible. I'm backing away from the internet just a little bit.

01-16-13. Detail of "Rabbitt marching band", a 1925 illustration by Cyril Cowell.