Thursday, December 11, 2014

Countdown to our second child's birth

Me, big and bright blue.

Just like last time, I've stayed pretty quiet online through most of this pregnancy. I'm not a big fan of posting too much personal stuff. Also, specifically, I'm not wild about oversharing the big belly. But this is probably my last chance to ever do it, so here it is just this once. Time is running out. I'm due on December 19th. Even though we've been through all of this before, it still feels a little unreal, becoming parents of two instead of just one, getting ready to go through all the baby stages of development again as Maxwell also continues to mature.

Before we get to that part, there's just the whole giving birth thing again, too. I know roughly what to expect, but again it feels unreal. I'm just so stable right now. Physically uncomfortable in many of the usual ways, but I'm at a standstill. It won't last much longer. It just sort of happened one day last time. The only difference I can remember was that I was starting to feel unusually uncomfortable during the day before I went into labor. I wanted to just sit still, my hips bothered me, etc. I'm not quite there yet. Tomorrow the doctor will tell us how I'm progressing. 

I wish I knew how to describe the fetal movements better so that I can at least remember that part after the baby is born. No description I read quite captures it, all the little random thumps and bumps from within. It can be so strange, yet comforting, and it's a sensation one can only have during pregnancy. Like being poked from the wrong side of your skin, I guess? That's one way to say it...

That's all for now. Time to get to work on my current painting. I've been making art through the whole pregnancy just like last time. Hopefully I'll be able to make a sketch on the day baby is born like last time as well.

12-10-14. A unicorn in the Land of Faerie.