Monday, January 23, 2012

01-23-12. A Snark sailboat.

"Muebles para Nuestra Nueva Casa"

"Muebles para Nuestra Nueva Casa", 12x12" (30.5x30.5 cm), oil on canvas
I found the photo that this painting is based on when I searched for "muebles" (furniture in Spanish) on Twitter in early January 2012. I have included the accompanying tweet in the painting. The Twitpic link to the photo works: My goal was to capture in a more permanent form one of the billions of fleeting moments shared through words and images online. They are more impermanent than snapshots, usually seen by only a few people before they are cast off and forgotten. The man in the photo seems to be checking his smart phone while he is surrounded by what appear to be treasured antiques (an old electric fan, and possibly an old-fashioned washing machine), so this records the moment of time that we live in. I randomly chose to search for a tweet in Spanish. I like to use different languages for the texts in my paintings so that I can communicate with more people. "Muebles para Nuestra Nueva Casa" translates as "furniture for our new house".

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

01-17-12. Black Hole Coffee House in Houston, TX.

Apple Blossom in Winter

"Apple Blossom in Winter", 24x24in. (61x61cm), oil on canvas.
I will openly admit that this painting is a bit of a jumbled mess, but let me explain... I'm in transition again.  I got some new ideas while I spent several weeks completing this piece. My next piece will be kind of small and simple. The one after that will elaborate on these new ideas. Going forward, I plan to give my paintings a clearer setting, even when they include text. Sometimes I'll want to do a form of still life.

This painting is centered, literally and figuratively, on the apple blossom. I used some search engine algorithms to develop a list of things related to the apple blossom: freesia, geranium and coleus. The text comes from a couple of Twitter messages that I found while I was working on the painting. The Instagram link works; it takes you to a grainy photo of the scented candle and other items that the Twitter user was referring to.

This painting won't be for sale right away. I have to use it for something (which I'll tell everyone about later). When I do post it for sale, I'll let everyone know.