Monday, October 31, 2011

Graham Co., AZ (Peridot 5)

"Graham Co., AZ (Peridot 5)". 16x20", oil on canvas. For sale on Etsy.

This fifth painting in the Peridot series moves away from the actual town of Peridot, AZ. Peridot is still referenced by the tiny chemical formula for peridot hanging inside the print shop window. This time, the Google Street View source is in Safford, the county seat of Graham County, Arizona. I virtually "drove around" Safford, taking screen shots of several interesting buildings. I settled on the building with the most pleasing and simple geometry. I also liked the old motel sign on the right and the row of neat palm trees on the left. I enhanced the actual colors of the building. Safford has an unusually large number of thin Mediterranean cypresses, but I didn't find a good composition that included them.

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