Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Amber Series

The Amber series is now complete. I learned about seven gemstones: amber, turquoise, peridot, amethyst, citrine, aquamarine, and mother of pearl. The information that I gathered went into making the following artworks. All pieces are available for purchase unless otherwise noted. Some of the artwork has links to previous blog posts which contain additional media related to each piece (such as video) and purchasing information.


"Amber", oil on canvas, 24x24"


"Turquoise Parrot", oil on canvas, 18x24"


"Peridot, AZ" [SOLD]

"Peridot, AZ (West La Bamba)" [SOLD]

"Peridot, AZ (El Taco Drive)", oil on canvas, 16x20" [SOLD]


"Lights of Amethyst (Owls)", oil on canvas, 16x20"


"Citrine Wagtail", oil on canvas, 12x12"


"Aquamarine", oil on canvas, 16x20"

mother of pearl

"Mother of Pearl", oil on canvas, 16x20"

This also concludes an unnamed trio of series. They aren't really tied together by anything, I just do my series in threes. The other two series are 503 Starfish and 94 Grecian Rose.

I've learned a lot while working on these series. I have a better idea of what I want to achieve. I've already gotten started on the first part of my next three series. They should be fun, or at least interesting; I had to bake a cake for the first one. So, stay tuned...


  1. these feel whimsical and at the same time intense. like that.

  2. Mine, all mine! I just snagged the third Peridot painting, yay!