Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Echo (306)

"Echo (306)", oil on canvas, 24x24". For sale on Etsy.

This is a contemporary take on the story of Echo and Narcissus. The young woman embodies both characters of the tragic tale. As Echo, she is trying to impress others with her fancy dress. As Narcissus, she is admiring herself by taking a "selfie" photo with her smartphone. The source for the painting was a photo I found online of a young woman in Singapore trying on a dress. She took the "selfie" to share on her blog. I never did dig deep enough to see her whole face or find out anything else about her. I included the vase of narcissus flowers to clarify the overall theme of the painting. As usual, I was attempting to connect two randomly selected topics: one, Echo, and two, Malaysia & Singapore. 

This painting represents Echo Blue, a blue hue that is color #306 in Naomi Kuno's Colorscape book.

08-11-14. Pumped-up kicks.