Tuesday, August 28, 2012

08-28-12. The Rift sofa by Patricia Urquiola, inspired by tectonic plates.

Tiber Tiger (36)

"Tiber Tiger (36)", oil on canvas, 24x24 in. (61x61cm). For sale on eBay.

This painting is about the Tiber and other European rivers. The main color is "Tiber Green" (#36 in Naomi Kuno's Colorscape book). Near the top of the painting I have included a Twitter post which mentioned the Tiber. Near the bottom is a Facebook post which mentioned the Garonne Canal in France. Though they are unrelated, they seem to be in conversation with each other. They each were posted by people who are strangers to me sometime during August 2012 while I was working on this painting. The background of the painting is loosely based on a photograph of the Tiber which I found on Flickr. Squares of Tiber Green and various semi-recognizable objects, including a tiger's head, float in the foreground of the painting. My goal was to create a space that expresses the Tiber Green color, that includes some of the things that the internet told me when I searched for "tiber", and which includes some of the random side thoughts that can occur during a web search.